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Rehabilitation is seldom easy, which is why, at Nurture Health, we offer emotional and physical support throughout the process. We make this journey smoother by guiding and assisting you through each step of rehabilitation. Our goal is to support you and your loved ones, facilitating your recovery and adaptation to lead a meaningful and fulfilled life as quickly as possible.


At Nurture Health, we take great care in handling every referral that comes our way. Our experienced case managers work diligently to process the referral efficiently and obtain the necessary authorisation from your medical aid or funder. 

By doing so, we can ensure a quick turnaround time with minimal waiting, enabling us to provide prompt and effective service to our valued clients.


A clinical assessor will come to see you as soon as possible. Getting to know the patient is an important part of our admission assessment process. This helps us to understand how best we can assist you in meeting your needs and achieving your rehabilitation goals. 

Your doctor and nurses in your ward will be informed as soon as a bed is available for admission.

Our case managers use the information provided by your doctor and from our assessment to obtain authorisation from your medical aid. We will keep you informed of any problems with authorisation, restrictions imposed, or co-payments required by your medical aid.


We coordinate all necessary arrangements for your transfer and admission to a Nurture Health hospital, ensuring a smooth and safe transition of care. Upon admission, our dedicated team of interdisciplinary professionals will assess and interview you, as well as your loved ones where applicable.

This process enables us to create a rehabilitation plan tailored specifically to your needs.


After admission, the team will be working together constantly to help reach your rehabilitation outcomes. We are on the floor daily, facing challenges as they may arise, and discussing your rehabilitation goals with you. Throughout, we will keep your doctor informed about your progress and condition.


A few days after admission, our social worker will organise a “family meeting” to discuss your rehabilitation goals, family needs and planning for your life after discharge. We want both you and your loved ones to be integrally involved in your rehabilitation.


When your discharge date approaches, we offer family training as needed to ensure carry-over of rehabilitation exercises and goals. This will help to equip you and your family members to continue the rehabilitation journey successfully at home.


On discharge, you will receive a full discharge summary with recommendations. We make sure that we assist with referrals for follow-up and out-patient therapy where this is required.


After discharge, a Rehab Case Manager will follow up and ensure that the care authorised is paid in full by the medical aid. We will engage with you when necessary to assist in finalising accounts, so that there is no unnecessary worry or frustration.

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