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We ask for your understanding when patients are being attended to by their doctor, therapist or nursing sister – please give them the space and privacy to give our patients the best care they deserve.

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About Us

Nurture Hermanus is a sub-acute hospital designed to meet all your physical rehabilitation needs. When you choose Nurture Hermanus, you are choosing a caring and compassionate team of professionals, a comprehensive range of therapeutic services, and a top-notch hospital.

We are based in Hermanus Medical Village, Cnr De Goede & Church Street - convenient for Hermanus residents looking for in-patient physical rehabilitation.

How We Can Help

Being compassionate is our objective

Nurture Hermanus provides hope through compassion, humanity, and clinical expertise during your rehabilitation journey.

We exist to help people who have suffered a debilitating accident, or significant illness, return to their optimal functioning.

Our objective is to maximise recovery and patient health gain, while achieving the highest level of independence for each of our patients, as cost effectively as possible. We start your rehabilitation journey on the day of admission with a detailed interdisciplinary team assessment. It is proven that early intervention shows improved function, better patient outcomes, and reintegration back into society, the community, and home environment.

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At the heart of Nurture Hermanus lies our experienced and expert interdisciplinary team: the people who work closely together to meet the needs of each patient to produce excellent results. They all understand the life-changing events you have been through and are here to provide the physical, emotional, and social support you need. These are a few of the people you will meet at Nurture Hermanus:

  • Rehabilitation Medical Practitioners, primarily responsible for your rehabilitation programme and overall medical care.
  • Rehabilitation Nurses who will help you with difficult tasks and help you practise what you have learnt in therapy.
  • A team of therapists including physiotherapists; occupational therapists; speech, language and swallowing therapists; and social workers who are responsible for the practical activities of your rehabilitation, helping you to regain your ability to perform daily activities.
  • Rehabilitation Programme Managers who will assist in planning and implementing your discharge arrangements, and act as emotional support for your family.
  • Case managers who liaise and negotiate with your medical aid scheme before and during your stay with us. In addition to this, we also have part time psychologists and dieticians.

Our Services

We are committed to your well-being

Nurture Hermanus is a leader in physical rehabilitation in South Africa. We provide physical rehabilitation and sub-acute in-patient care for people challenged with a wide range of disabilities caused by disease or injuries. We are one of a few hospitals in the Nurture Health group that offer a post-acute ventilation unit, which is a specialised service to patients who depend on long-term mechanical ventilation.

Patients undergo a combination of specially designed therapy sessions to suit their specific needs. They receive intensive therapy daily and, depending on the medical condition, this will include home and life management skills training.

At Nurture Hermanus, we believe that the patient’s family is as important as the patient. Throughout the patient’s hospital stay, we engage with family members to update them on the patient’s progress. We assist with post-discharge placements and/or care arrangements, and if needed, training is provided in proper care practice to ensure a consistently high standard of care, even after discharge.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to helping you

Compassionate and skilled, registered nurse. I am patient-driven, and team oriented. Driven by my passion for patients, I am committed to achieving the best possible outcomes, effectively and efficiently.

Irene du Plessis

Rehab Care Leader

Nurse with a business background, she prioritises patient and team welfare. Passionate about physical rehabilitation, she finds joy in holistic teamwork and witnessing positive patient outcomes.

Petra Kerkstra

Rehab Centre Manager

Social worker at Spescare Hermanus since April 2017. Passionate about offering help and support during challenging times. Enjoys networking and building relationships with service providers and community resources. Dedicated and proud of making a difference in people's lives.

Luzanne Naude

Social Worker

Love to be part of the patient journey and to see the difference we make in their daily lives.

Charl Viljoen

Rehab Case Manager

Joined Nurture Health in 2017, compassionate with a good work ethic. Committed and determined to provide patients with the best possible care. Enjoy working in an interdisciplinary team to achieve the best possible outcome for our patients.

Megan Gunter

Rehab Intervention Leader

Our Facilities

We use the latest in rehabilitation facilities

Nurture Hermanus, was established in 2017, and became part of the Nurture family in 2023. We are situated in the beautiful seaside town of Hermanus in the Western Cape, a place associated with recuperation from the late1800’s, when the Harley Street Doctors of London discovered Hermanus as an excellent place for people with consumption (TB) to recuperate. By the 1920’s there were approximately 15 Sanatoria in Hermanus to cater for these well heeled, early (medical) tourists.

Today we are honoured to continue the tradition of healing in our 30 bed sub-acute hospital. We also have a 4 bed sub-acute high-care unit, where long-term ventilated patients can soak up the relaxed feeling of this beautiful town.

Our hospital has been designed to promote rehabilitation efficiency, enabling our staff to create a safe, supervised, and structured environment for our patients.

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