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About Us

At Nurture Alberton, we provide hope through compassion, humanity and expertise during your rehabilitation journey. We get to work as soon as we can to provide early intervention which has been proven to show improved function, better patient outcomes and faster reintegration back into society, community, and a home environment.

We understand the life changing events that our patients have been through and provide physical, emotional, and social support to reduce their concerns and fears. We aim to have them not just exist with their lifestyle change, but to live fully within it.

How We Can Help

Being compassionate is our objective

Nurture Alberton has been designed to meet all your physical rehabilitation needs to help you return to your optimal functional level. 

Our team of skilled and experienced healthcare specialists are carefully selected to maximise recovery and patient health as cost effectively as possible. 

We make it possible for people to live meaningful and fulfilled lives despite physical challenges, injuries, or illnesses by using an “Outcomes Based, Goal Directed, Interdisciplinary, Patient Centered" approach.  When you choose Nurture Alberton, you are choosing a caring and compassionate team of professionals, a comprehensive range of therapeutic services and outstanding facilities.

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At the heart of Nurture Alberton lies our experienced and expert interdisciplinary team: the people who work closely together to meet the needs of each patient to produce excellent results. They all understand the life-changing events you have been through and are here to provide the physical, emotional, and social support you need. These are a few of the people you will meet at Nurture Alberton:

  • Rehabilitation Medical Practitioners, primarily responsible for your rehabilitation programme and overall medical care
  • Rehabilitation Nurses who will help you with difficult tasks and help you practise what you have learnt in therapy.
  • A team of therapists including physiotherapists; occupational therapists; speech, language and swallowing therapists; and social workers; who are responsible for the practical activities of your rehabilitation, helping you to regain your ability to perform daily activities.
  • Rehabilitation Programme Managers who will assist in planning and implementing your discharge arrangements, and act as emotional support for your family.
  • Case managers who liaise and negotiate with your medical aid scheme or funder before and during your stay with us.
  • In addition to this, we also have part time psychologists and dieticians.

Our Services

We are committed to your well-being

Nurture Alberton provides physical rehabilitation and sub-acute in-patient and out-patient care for people challenged with a wide range of disabilities caused by disease or injuries.

Our services include patient-centred therapy that is tailored towards individual needs, therapists who establish goals with you and for you, encouraging families to participate in therapeutic activities, and therapeutic outings to take part in community activities such as banking and shopping at local malls.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to helping you

I am a proudly South African medical doctor with a keen interest in multisectoral altruistic education and research.

Dr Nivashen Pillay

Rehabilitation Medical Practitioner

From my beginnings as an Occupational Therapist, I've journeyed to roles as a Clinical Assessor and, now, a Rehab Centre Manager. My heart beats for rehabilitation, as I passionately strive to empower individuals to reclaim their lives. Committed to excellence and compassionate care, I aim to make a lasting impact in the realm of healthcare.

Naseerah Makda

Rehab Centre Manager

As a Rehab Care Leader, I lead a team of dedicated nurses to ensure seamless operations and excellent patient care. I am a registered nurse with qualifications in nursing administration, management, education, and occupational health and safety. Trust that you and your loved ones are in capable hands under my leadership.

Natasha Moodley

Rehab Care Leader

With a background in Social work, I transitioned to become a rehabilitation Clinical Assessor. My expertise lies in empowering patients and their families on their journey to recovery, ensuring comprehensive assessments and compassionate support every step of the way.

Londiwe Masilela

Clinical Assessor

I am a case manager at Nurture Health Alberton dedicated to streamlining the rehabilitation process for patients and their families. I handle authorisations and liaise with medical aids so that the patients and their families can focus on recovery without worrying about administrative tasks.

Kim Mortlock

Case Manager

I am a compassionate rehabilitation doctor dedicated to guiding patients through their journey to recovery. With my expertise in personalized care and evidence-based practices, I strive to empower patients to regain independence and vitality.

Dr Revishka Rahmiah

Rehabilitation Medical Practitioner

I am a dedicated speech therapist who has been promoted to Rehabilitation Program Manager at Nurture Health Alberton. With my expertise in addressing rehabilitation challenges, I now lead in developing tailored rehab programmes, ensuring every patient receives top-notch therapy and support on their journey to wellness.

Atiyya Seedat

Rehab Intervention Leader

Our Facilities

We use the latest in rehabilitation facilities

Nurture Alberton is equipped with world-class medical facilities. To promote rest and healing, the environment is warm, comfortable, and well-designed.

Our facilities include a fully equipped gymnasium, functional therapeutic kitchen, and a functional bathroom fully equipped with a bath, shower, toilet, and basin, that has been designed to assist our patients to actively practice real-life tasks and activities.

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