Here is why you can rely on Nurture Health

About Us

Being compassionate is our objective

We provide medical and physical rehabilitation programs for patients who have experienced acute or chronic illnesses or injuries.

Our pride lies in our experienced interdisciplinary team, working collaboratively to achieve optimal outcomes for our patients and their families, enabling them to lead meaningful and fulfilled lives.

Our Services

At Nurture Health, we provide a comprehensive range of specialised healthcare services tailored to meet the unique needs of our patients. Our interdisciplinary teams collaborate seamlessly to deliver the highest quality of care, making Nurture Health as the preferred choice for patients and their families.

Why Choose Us

When you or a loved one comes to Nurture Health, you are choosing a comprehensive range of professional services, outstanding hospitals, and a caring and compassionate team of people. Specifically, you can expect:

Brilliant results

The Nurture Health team consists of professionals who are specialised in rehabilitation and in treating patients with challenging physical needs.

In our specialised acute and sub-acute rehabilitation hospitals staff are chosen for their dedication, skillset, and compassion.

Our aim is to provide nurturing, effective programmes that get results, and our record of accomplishment is evidence of this.

Medical aid coverage

Cost can be a big barrier to rehabilitation programmes, and we try to lessen this concern as much as we can.

We accept all medical aids that cover post-acute rehabilitation as well as Road Accident Fund (RAF) and Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Disease (COID) claims.

We also have case workers who assist with applications, and if necessary, payment plans.

Registered & certified

We are registered with the Department of Health and the Hospital Association South Africa.

We are also a member of the National Hospital Network and Board of Healthcare Funders.

Convenient location

There are Nurture Health hospitals in five provinces across South Africa: Gauteng, Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape, and Free State.

Each hospital is designed to provide a safe and secure environment for your recovery and rehabilitation.

Our easily accessible locations are either within or in close proximity to major centres. With ample parking, visiting is convenient for friends and family.

Value family & friends

We recognise the crucial role your family and friends play in your health and emotional wellbeing.

They are integral to your recovery, and we consider their importance at every step of your journey. We understand that the temporary loss of abilities and independence can be distressing, bewildering, and frustrating.

As such, we are here to answer your questions, keep you informed, or simply lend a compassionate ear to your concerns. Our visiting hours for family and friends are flexible, and we actively encourage socialising at the hospital whenever possible.

Your journey with Nurture Health is not just about medical care and rehabilitation; it is about the holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

A network of support

The Nurture Health Hospital group is a large network of specialised physical rehabilitation hospitals.

With well over 500 staff members across the country within 9 hospitals, we can offer an incredible range of specialist knowledge and services.

Alongside superior clinical skills, we also strongly value kindness. It takes a special kind of person to work with patients who have faced trauma or a life catastrophe that may change the course of their life – and we choose only the best.

The Nurture Health Approach

Nurture Health uses a clinically tested and scientifically proven method, centred around the patient, to perfectly match interventions to support recovery. This has five components:

  • Engage: We take time to not only get to know you and your loved ones but also understand your feelings and thoughts about what has happened to you. We want to hear your concerns about how it will impact on your ability to function, and on your family. It is important to understand your expectations of us and of the rehabilitation process.
  • Explore and understand: We conduct a meticulous assessment of all aspects of your condition. This includes how it has affected the way in which your body works and appears, what you are able to do for yourself, and what factors improve or hinder your ability.
  • Plan and seek common ground: Our team will collaborate with you and your loved ones to identify the best immediate outcome. We then plan your rehabilitation goals and what proven interventions are needed to help you reach these.
  • Intervene, monitor and adapt: We then work with you and your loved ones towards each rehabilitation goal. We measure progress, learn from our successes and setbacks, and adapt and adjust the plan as needed.
  • Communicate: Caring communication is a key part of the Nurture Health experience. Illness, injury, or surgery can disrupt day-to-day life and normal activities. We understand that losing your abilities and independence, even temporarily, can be distressing, bewildering, and frustrating. We have learned that the antidote is communication. We are on hand to answer questions, keep you informed or simply listen with compassion to your concerns.