We Celebrate A Kind And Selfless Act That One Of Our Own Has Done To Uplift Their Community

27 March 2020

Johna Britz

Johan Britz (Senior Software Developer)has taken initiative to truly do good and demonstrate his Nurture Values by realising that while we are all running to the shops and gearing up for lock-down, there are many, especially the elderly, that are unable to do so.

This bred the idea of having a flash drive to collect and help these people out. He posted on Facebook, shared with friends who in turn shared with their friends etc. Packets started coming into the delivery point (Haven Health Management offices at 10th) and the rest is history… 

Johan’s plea to the community

By now we are all aware of the Corona/COVID-19 madness that has gripped the world. We have all also seen the graphs that indicate that the older the person, the more likely that individual is of contracting the infection, and thus potentially succumb to it. In Italy, 99% of people that have died had pre-existing conditions such as diabetes. 

Old folk are generally not in good health which makes them very prone. I would like to do a “flash” drive to collect some basic foodstuff for these old folks and deliver it to one or two different old age homes in PE. A one-week project. We are all in this together… by helping others we are helping ourselves, literally. I’d like to get this done while there isn’t evidence of the bug being in Port Elizabeth yet, and people are still happy to go to the shops. In a few weeks’ time the situation might be different and by then it will be too late to act. I’m hoping that R100 worth of things isn’t too much to ask. If you can’t do R100, heck, do R50. 

If you are fortunate enough to do more, don’t let me stop you! 😊 You wouldn’t believe how little it takes to brighten the day of an elderly person… a R10 box of cookies… R4 pack of 2-minute noodles. I have a list of item suggestions*, but anything would be welcome that would keep a vulnerable person out of possible danger and put a smile on their face.

For now, we have only one drop-off point… The office at 27, 10th Avenue. We need to have a healthy level of paranoia with this, so I’d like to ask that everyone wash their hands before packing the little shopping packet, and knot it tightly so that it can be sprayed down with a Dettol solution or similar if need be. Also, feel free to just leave the packet at the front door so that we can lessen person to person interactions even more.

For Whom: Buffelsfontein Old Age Home (if the collection goes well, we can choose an extra beneficiary)

When: From 2020/03/20 to Close of Business on Thursday 2020/03/26. Next Friday we’ll do a stock take and plan the delivery.

A BIG thank you to Johan for your selfless act, we are super proud to have him as part of the team – this serves as a reminder, that we should also practice our Nurture Values in the broader community.