We are looking for New Nurturers to join our team

30 January 2024

by Gillian McAinsh

Nurture Health is growing and looking for New Nurturers to join the team.
In 2023, Nurture Health and Spescare joined forces to provide an expanded range of quality healthcare and patient-centered services.

The new Nurture Health group is built on our existing ethos of professional medical treatment offered at rehabilitation centres across South Africa.

Within Nurture, the principle of “hire for talent, train for skill” guides recruitment and selection. Where possible, this seeks to prioritise the potential of individuals over their current skillset.

We know that teams perform best when each member feels that they belong. After all, it’s the unique contributions of all Nurture Health staff that drive our success.

Nurture is therefore streamlining the recruitment and selection journey to provide a consistent experience that optimises individual, team and organisational potential for the benefit of our patients.

We want our facilities to be an environment that is inclusive and enabling, welcoming diversity, for our staff in the same way that it is for our patients.

It’s about building a team of diverse yet complementary personalities, passions and skills.

We are committed to building a culture where everyone has the chance to do meaningful work and be recognised for their efforts.

Over the last year, Nurture Health has been looking into better ways of approaching how we recruit staff to benefit both our colleagues and our patients.

With this in mind, the group has developed a course for new members of staff.

This is intended as an informative and welcoming orientation process to introduce individuals to the organisation and its values and purpose, and equip them with the tools they need, right from the start, to excel in their roles.

This people-management policy is built on the pillars of Attract, Develop, Engage, and Inspire.

After careful thought and testing, the “New Nurturer” Programme was born – a dive into who we are, what we do, as well as why and how we do it.

It’s been designed to help our new colleagues get off to a flying start while also helping us to learn from them.

New recruits explore a variety of topics together, getting the low-down on everything from our guiding principles in “Nurture Health 101” to our approach to Lean Management.

We also share insights into our unique healthcare models, the journey of our patients, and how we manage risks while ensuring clinical quality.

Because the patient lies at the heart of what Nurture does, one of the on-boarding modules is “Patient Journey 101”, equipping recruits with the knowledge needed to understand their part in the larger patient journey.

As the organisation continues to grow, we will keep refining and expanding on the New Nurturer Programme. It is part of a much larger drive to bolster both orientation and training.

It is all part of our vision for a future where every individual feels valued, supported, and able to thrive.

So, whether your skills lie in neurology, paediatrics, orthopaedics or another specialised field of medical care, there may be a place for you with us.

Medical treatment for stroke recovery for example, can call on the services of physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy, or home nursing.

To offer its extensive range of services, Nurture Health needs a broad array of skills. These include careers in physical rehabilitation hospital management, for example, clinical assessment and admin support.

Together, we’re making Nurture Health a meaningful and rewarding place to work, and ultimately, a place that delivers incredible care for our patients.

Visit our website to view current career opportunities.