Rebuilding lives – physically, mentally and spiritually

21 May 2019

The Nurture Health hospitals exist to inspire, support and equip people to lead meaningful and fulfilled lives despite physical and mental handicaps, injuries, disabilities or illness. Following a scientific and medical approach to wellness, it has a remarkable success rate – rebuilding the lives of many people.

Maintaining a reputation as a centre of excellence, introducing global best practices, the group of hospitals’ integrated approach is outcomes based, goal-directed, interdisciplinary and patient centred. With a national footprint in South Africa, it offers three core services.

Physical Rehabilitation

The Physical Rehabilitation Hospitals provide medical care and rehabilitation treatment for people with a wide range of disabilities caused by disease or injuries. These include spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, strokes, neurological disorders, orthopaedic conditions and other debilitating conditions and illnesses.

We help people who have become physically or cognitively impaired with the means to lead meaningful lives, regardless of any disability they may have acquired or circumstances they are returning to.


The Wellness Treatment Hospitals provide care and treatment to people with psychiatric and psychological challenges to lead purposeful and enjoyable lives from a physical, mental and spiritual health perspective.

We have a team of professional and devoted people who have been handpicked to work with patients – making it possible for them to be happy and fulfilled. We do not judge, we do not blame, but we only lend a hand to empower patients.

Addiction Treatment and Recovery

The Addiction Treatment Hospitals provide holistic therapy for substance abuse aimed at rebuilding the lives of people suffering from chronic and progressive addiction. The facilities treat alcoholism and addiction to heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana and prescription drugs as well as co-dependence, sexual addiction, gambling addiction and food addiction. As a dual-diagnosis facility patients may take advantage of both psychiatric and substance abuse medical aid benefits.

We help patients to recover and regain the ability to be healthy and fulfilled. Our world-class multi-disciplinary medical team has been carefully chosen for their skills, commitment and care.

Our Values