Nurture Health facilities remain open during the nationwide lockdown

23 March 2020

Some people have asked why we have remained open when mental health hospitals and rehabilitation units have chosen to close their doors and no longer offer their services to patients. In answering this question, we have had to explain to them that we exist to make it possible for people to live meaningful lives and thrive in spite of the mental health problems and physical impairments they carry with them. We, quite simply, have an obligation to be there for our patients when they get into trouble and to carry them through to a pointer can start to cope again for themselves.

During this worrying and unsettling time there are still going to be people who become ill or injured and require physical rehabilitation and there may even be more people struggling to cope with their mental health problems in the face of increased levels of anxiety. So we are here to stay and care for our patients and our community! And, we must find ways to do that in a way that keeps them, their families and our team members safe from all harm, including this virus.

The measures that we have implemented and that all of you have adopted continue to play an important role in making our hospitals much safer places to be than the rest of the community.