Let’s celebrate the important contribution of nurses in healthcare

17 October 2019

Although International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world on 12 May each year, we believe that every day should be treated as this day. Commemorating the birth of Florence Nightingale – the founder of modern nursing – the purpose of this day is to celebrate the irreplaceable contribution nursing makes to the world’s health and wellbeing.

Nursing is an integral part of the interdisciplinary team and ensures a valuable contribution to all the health care needs of patients.

Our unique approach

Our nurses and caregivers provide dedicated patient-centred care along the entire continuum of care in a rehab environment. They work as members of an interdisciplinary team, focusing on patient outcomes and goals, equipping patients to become independent within their limitations and disabilities.

Nursing contributes and ensures that our purpose and values are lived every day by applying the principles grounded in safety, quality, patient-centredness, teamwork, people, and financial sustainability.

Versatile skills required

Apart from the skills and competencies required in an acute setting to care for patients’ basic needs, they also need compassion and drive to motivate patients to participate in self- care tasks. They must have knowledge of injuries, diseases, and disabilities to give emotional and physical support to patients. The ability to remain calm and positive is important. They affirm exercise programmes laid out by the therapy team and assist patients to follow these programmes between therapy sessions. Nurses also need the ability to celebrate success, empathise with setbacks and encourage perseverance.

A team effort

At Nurture Health the therapy teams consist of different medical professions – every team member is equally important. They all work together on individual patient goals, but ultimately with the same focus – to equip patients to lead happy and fulfilled lives.

Our Values