Emotional wellness: how to manage your mindset

9 February 2024

At Nurture Health, our primary concern extends beyond the physical rehabilitation of our patients.

We understand that emotional wellness is equally important. This is why we partner with the patient and their loved ones, working together in a holistic approach to recovery in our rehabilitation hospitals.

Whether it is home care or in-patient medical care, Nurture Health places a strong emphasis on the mental health aspect of recovery. Our qualified psychologists work alongside other members of the medical team in offering a comprehensive range of therapies.

What to watch out for

When a patient is undergoing medical treatment for a prolonged period, there are emotional pitfalls to be aware of. They include:
• Isolation and loneliness: Physical rehabilitation can involve a long period of therapy and recovery, and the patient may feel lonely or disconnected.
• Frustration and impatience: Progress in physical therapy is often gradual, which can lead to impatience and frustration. This can negatively affect the patient’s emotional well-being.
• Information overload: Sometimes patients feel overwhelmed with an overload of medical information. This can lead to feeling anxious, confused, or stressed.

How family and friends can help

There are practical ways to help your loved one maintain a positive mindset throughout the healthcare journey:
• Open communication: Encourage them to talk openly about their feelings, including their hopes and fears. Listening gently and without judgment can work wonders in making a patient feel supported on what can be an extremely emotional journey.
• Celebrate small victories: Mark every milestone, no matter how small it may seem at the time. Celebrating these achievements, and acknowledging progress, can help to lift morale and support a positive mindset.
• Involvement in therapy sessions: Where possible, be an active participant in the therapy programme. Making this a collective effort, and letting them know they are not alone, can be a powerful motivation.

Whether it is stroke recovery, neurology, paediatrics or orthopaedics, a successful rehabilitation journey goes beyond physical recovery; it also encompasses mental wellbeing.

By understanding and addressing possible pitfalls, and actively involving family and friends, we can help our patients to navigate the challenges of rehabilitation with a positive mindset.

As healthcare specialists, we are committed not only to healing bodies but also to uplifting spirits, ensuring a comprehensive approach to recovery.