Emma Loades Personal COVID-19 Experience

I don’t know what the future holds, I only know that I only have power over the ‘now’, and I will try to make the most of every moment and focus on what I have control over whilst trying to let go of what is beyond my power.

Dealing with Fear

You are actually fine, but you are filled with fear. Your beliefs about the virus overcoming you are linked to your ability to imagine. You imagine creative scenarios of family members phoning you to tell you of their positive results, family being hospitalized and dying. Your imagination creates a scene of your business failing or you be retrenched. We embody our belief.


Activities for Kids

Schools are closed and many of us are working from home. So, what to do during the times we are not working or doing homeschooling? Many of us have discovered that we have a lot more free-time on our hands with limited options to occupy that time and more significantly, a lot more time that our children do not have scheduled activities. It’s time to get creative!


Victory Hour – Daily activities to cultivate mindfulness

Victory Hour is a time of journaling and reflection. It provides an opportunity for developing the skill of self-awareness and personal journaling techniques. To become aware of certain things that could or should be changed. It is a space to practice shifting one’s mindset towards positivity and growth.