What To Expect At Sunnyside

Sunnyside is a brand new modern facility in Bird Street, Central – in the heart of Port Elizabeth. Patients experience comfortable accommodation, good food and a safe and secure environment.

Upon arrival, patients are given a detailed guide so that they are familiar with the programme of activities and given an orientation session where they have an opportunity to discuss their treatment.


At Sunnyside, we know that teamwork produces the best outcomes. The treatment team that will be involved in, and responsible for your well-being will include the following, that will play a vital role in your Wellness journey with us:

  • Your Psychiatrist
  • Your Psychologist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Social worker
  • Nursing staff
  • YOU
Thrive Sunnyside Psychiatric Hospital Port Elizabeth


  • Responsible for admitting you into the facility and your diagnosis
  • Evaluates, prescribes, monitors and adjusts your medication
  • Needs information about your day, behaviour, effects of medication, etc. to provide the best possible treatment
  • Refers you to other relevant professionals and services needed to assist you


  • Performs in-depth assessments to determine challenges and treatment goals
  • Discusses your progress in treatment with other team members or with your relevant family members
  • Teaches coping skills and educates you and your family members about specific mental health disorders
  • Provides specialised individual therapy and group therapy sessions
  • Guides and assists with the implementation of the in-hospital interventions in the outside world through follow-up consultations after discharge


Occupational therapists & social workers

  • Assess to determine the level of functioning and needs that have to be addressed
  • Teach skills, interact with and help you to obtain necessary skills
  • Support and facilitate engagement and sharing in groups
  • Assist with dealing with family, relationship or work-related challenges
  • Provide feedback to rest of team about your day and group sessions, so that treatment can be adjusted accordingly


  • Helps to get you ready in the mornings (awake, dressed, given medication and monitored) and then sends you off for the day
  • Welcomes you back to your ward in the afternoon and lends a supportive ear, assists with assignments and gives feedback to the rest of the team if any challenges or breakthroughs are identified
  • Provides continuity and stability
  • Advocates for you
  • Continuously observes the effects of your medication, your social behaviour and other factors that can help the team achieve better outcomes for you


  • Need to make the choice to actively engage and participate
  • Need to be open to taking a step back and re-evaluating your life, challenges and habits so that you can make necessary changes to obtain the skills you need
  • Take responsibility for your process and managing your life after discharge


Patient participation is vital in ensuring success on their journey to wellness. The program of proven therapeutic and recreational activities are designed to guide patients to recovery.

You will work hard during the time you are with us. Helping you to be a happy and fulfilled person in the short while that we have you with us, is a big task and responsibility. But, if you give your commitment and energy, it will all be worthwhile, that is our promise.