Welcome to Nurture Newlands.

Nurture Newlands is a post-acute and physical rehabilitation hospital that offers palliative care and programmes for people injured through illness or accident. We are often the bridge between an acute hospital facility and your return home. Our expert team of doctors, nurses, and qualified health professionals assist with your recovery, giving you the medical care and the emotional support you need to get back on your feet.

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A holistic approach to healing and care goes a long way towards a good recovery


The period between being discharged from a traditional hospital and going home can be challenging for you and your family, especially when injury or illness has left you with a temporary or permanent disability.

Our care programme is orientated towards finding the right doctors and rehabilitation programmes for your recovery. We offer an extensive range of treatments for various illnesses and injuries.



  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Social Work
  • Speech and Language Therapy

End of life

  • Specialised facilities
  • Emotional and medical support for patients
  • Emotional and practical support for family

Rehabilitation of neurological conditions

  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Transverse Myelitis
  • Parkinson’s Disease

Physical trauma treatments

  • Stroke
  • Spina l c ord injury
  • Brain injury
  • Hip, knee and other joint replacements
  • Polytrauma
  • Limb amputation
  • Generalised weakness after a lengthy and complex hospitalisation

Post-acute services

  • Cognitive rehabilitation
  • Infection management and isolation
  • Geriatric assessment and care
  • Palliative care
  • Care worker and family training
  • Home assessments
  • Facilitation of return to work
  • Isolation wards for hospital acquired infections such as MRSA and CRE.

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The Nurture Newlands Team consists of professionals who have specialised in treating the older generation. Staff are chosen for their dedication, skillset and compassion. Our aim is to provide nurturing, effective programmes that get results.
A big barrier to rehabilitation programmes is the cost. We accept all medical aids that cover post-acute rehabilitation as well as Road Accident Fund (RAF) and Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Disease (COID) claims. We also have case workers who assist with applications, and if necessary, payment plans.
We are registered with the Department of Health and the Hospital Association South Africa, as well as being a member of the National Hospital Network and Board of Healthcare Funders.
Nurture Newlands is based in the Sports Science Institute of Southern African building in Newlands, Cape Town. Our convenient location, alongside the Newlands Rugby Stadium, is ideal for patients based in the leafy Southern Suburbs with close proximity to the M3 and M5. With plenty of parking, it’s easy for visitors and family to pop in and out to visit patients.
We know how important your family and friends are to your health and emotional wellbeing. They form an intrinsic part of your recovery. Visiting hours are flexible and, when possible, we encourage socialising at the hospital.
Nurture Newlands is part of the Nurture Health Hospital group, a network of specialised physical and mental healthcare facilities found throughout South Africa.


Our integrated team of experienced healthcare professionals include qualified therapists, professional rehabilitation nurses, psychologists and hand-picked social workers. They represent the values Nurture Newlands stands for: specialised, compassionate and competent care.

Aarthi Sewpersad


Aarthi runs the facility and ensures that your stay is a smooth and successful one with a focus on patient centeredness throughout.

Eleanor Ndebele


Eleanor is the first point of contact and is there to facilitate each client into the facility and informs the team of all patient requirements.

Michelle Cloete


Michelle has a passion for rehabilitation and orchestrates a tailor-made, smooth and safe patient journey during our clients stay.

Liz Broadley


Liz has many years of experience in healthcare quality and safety. She will ensure your all nursing and general needs are well attended to during you stay.

Andiswa September


Andiswa maintains contact with the medical aids and will be sure that authorisations during your stay are taken care of.


Injury and ageing bring a number of compound ailments and a holistic approach to healing and care goes a long way towards a good recovery. We invest time and energy in developing our people and systems in a culture of ongoing improvement, together with you and your loved ones.

Physiotherapist, Physio Cape-Town-Hip Replacement-Frail Care-old age-senile-retirement home-hospice-Recovery- Rehabilitation, Step Down Hospital - Physical rehabilitation-hospital-Cape Town-Nurture-Harmony-Methodology


Physiotherapist, Physio Cape-Town-Hip Replacement-Frail Care-old age-senile-retirement home-hospice-Recovery- Rehabilitation, Step Down Hospital - Physical rehabilitation-hospital-Cape Town-Nurture-Harmony-Methodology

Based in the leafy suburbs of Cape Town, Nurture Newlands is equipped with world-class medical facilities. To promote rest and healing, the environment is warm, comfortable and well-designed.

We offer private, semi-private and isolation rooms; a coffee shop on site and spaces to accommodate family and visitors. The facility boasts a well-equipped rehabilitation gymnasium with custom-designed specialised equipment as well as dedicated therapy spaces. On request our patients can also gain access to the inspirational Walking with Brandon rehabilitation programme within the SSISA building as part of their rehabilitation plan.


75 year old, Post Hip Replacement

“I have been a patient at the Newlands Nurture Hospital in Cape Town for the last three weeks and can only congratulate you on the excellent service provided. From the friendly staff at reception, the attentive nursing contingent, the most capable Occupational and Physiotherapy practitioners Social Worker and Resident Doctor, to the Cookery and Management staff and comfortable modern fully articulated beds providing a most impressive facility.

The considerable discomfort I experienced initially from a total hip replacement was handled with care and concern and the correct medication administered timeously to alleviate and ameliorate  most of my pain.  As healing has continued I have been encouraged by the relevant parties to walk and exercise but always with care to ensure that the exercise regime gives way to undue discomfort ensuring that healing can progress at a pace suited to my physique.”

Dr. Bilal Abdool Gafoor, Referring Pulmonologist

Great service, punctual, friendly and well mannered”

24 year old, Spinal Cord Injury

“Nurture is on the top floor because it is the top place! It offers occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy and social work. If patients have the opportunity to go to Nurture, it will be beneficial for them.
We do activities such as gardening, knitting, drawing and exercise in the gym. I have even been inspired to start a recycling project. We have a gym where the therapists help us start small and work our way up. There is a 24 hour doctor available who will address any medical concerns. Prioritize your health, go to Nurture.”

57 year old, Suffered from a Stroke

“The therapists are the best. They know exactly what they are doing, they are all excellent. They know how far to push you, and they’ve got me very far already. I am walking now and my hand is much improved. It feels great.”

45 year old, Arm Fracture

“The staff is wonderful. Therapy has been impeccable, the therapists are willing to go the extra mile. And the food is great!”


+27 (0)21 685 0292
Sports Science Institute of SA
5th Floor
Boundary Road
Cape Town

If you or a loved one are looking for a supportive, caring and safe rehabilitative and medical care hospital contact us. We are happy to chat to you about options and discuss care plans and payments.

Nurture Newlands is part of the Nurture Health Hospital group, a network of physical rehabilitation, recovery and wellness hospitals across South Africa www.nurturehealth.net

Download the Nurture Newlands brochure


Nurture Newlands accepts all medical aids.  We have also partnered with the Discovery Health Care Coordinated Programme (CCP), Road Accident Fund, and COID.

Our doctors and therapists charge Medical Aid Scheme Scale of Benefits rates. If you are a member of a full medical scheme, your costs will be covered. If you are on a medical plan with limits or co-payment penalties, our case managers will assist you with applications and authorisations. They will help you determine exactly what is covered by your medical scheme and may make credit arrangements if you are not covered.

A copy of your medical aid card and ID will be required upon admission. We are able to make copies for you onsite.

You’ll need comfortable clothes for your daily physical rehabilitation sessions and pyjamas for the evenings. You may bring your cell phone with you, as long as it is switched off in therapy sessions. Don’t forget your books, magazines and anything that makes you feel more at home. Pictures, posters and even personal bedding can make you more comfortable. Remember to also bring your own toiletries, dentures and hearing aids.

If you take chronic medication, bring it with you as the medical aid won’t cover the costs when you’re in the hospital. The sisters in charge will gladly store and dispense these for you.

All meals will be served by Nurture Newlands, therefore we request that you do not supplement your diet without speaking to the doctor or the Sister-in-Charge.  Sweets, snacks or junk food may seriously compromise your recovery. Wherever possible, meals will be served in the dining room.  We sometimes request that families are present to learn how to help patients.

Flexible Visiting Hours: 8am – 8pm 

Friends and family bring joy and laughter. Hours are determined by your therapy schedule and you can have up to three visitors at a time. Rest is an important aspect of your recovery and all visitors are kindly asked to leave at 8pm, so that there is time for patients to wind down and prepare for the night.

Your right to privacy is of primary importance to us.  All information disclosed to staff members remains highly confidential.  Information regarding a specific patient may only be disclosed with the formal consent of the patient or in certain situations, the patient’s family.