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Nurture Harmony has a scientific and medical approach of wellness and mindfulness to turn your life around and we have a great success rate. We will give you the RIGHT assistance that will stop you from feeling overwhelmed and out of control. You will learn to make better choices and replace old, destructive behaviours with new, healthy habits.

Treatment And Recovery Program

Primary Care Treatment

Nurture Harmony has a scientific and medical approach to dealing with addiction. The program is based on the Minnesota Alternative-model, DBT, the twelve-step method of rehabilitation as well as the latest research in the field of drug and alcohol addiction. The detox process is medically managed by doctors and registered nurses, while therapists work with patients to help them develop an understanding of how past and current experiences affect their choices and behaviour. Patients are guided in how to make better choices and replace old, destructive behaviours with new, healthy habits.

Secondary Care Treatment

Underlying trauma is often identified as the root of physical addiction in the first few weeks of Primary Care. We recommend that a patient’s stay is extended through our Secondary Care program where there is a greater focus on resolving trauma. All research supports longer periods spent in treatment leads to more successful outcomes.

After Care Program

Before being discharged, therapists work with patients and develop an After Care program that connects them with support groups and other resources. Nurture Harmony has a vibrant recovery community that meet regularly for fellowship. Patients are always welcome to visit and enjoy talks from therapists, doctors and others suffering from addiction. Nurture Health makes the most of modern technology with many online resources that keeps patients and loved ones motivated, inspired and informed.

“In recovery” used to mean someone who is abstinent after a struggle with substance abuse. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s revised their definition in 2011 and now reads as follows: “Recovery from Mental Disorders and Substance Use Disorders: A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life and strive to reach their full potential.”
They have also outlined four major dimensions that support a life in recovery:

  • Health: overcoming or managing one’s disease(s) as well as living in physically and emotionally healthy way
  • Home: a stable and safe place to live
  • Purpose: meaningful daily activities, including work, school, volunteerism, family, friends, independence, income and resources
  • Community: relationships and social networks that provide support, friendship, love and hope

Learn more about the Minnesota Alternative Model

Patient participation is vital in ensuring success on their journey to wellness. The programme of proven therapeutic and recreational activities are designed to guide patients to recovery.

When you come to Nurture Harmony, you will be accommodated at our facility at Hout Bay in Cape Town. A modern and comfortable facility in a quiet area on the fringes of the city.

Upon arrival, patients are given a detailed guide so that they are familiar with the programme of activities and given an orientation session where they have an opportunity to discuss their treatment.

Patients enjoy organised recreational activities to serve as a break from therapy sessions, while personal time for relaxation, dining and rest is also an important part of your recovery process.

To assist you in preparing for your stay, we recommend that you bring the following items:

  • Identity Document (Proof of Identity)
  • Medical Aid Card + Details
  • Casual and Relaxed Clothing (for all types of weather – May to September is especially chilly)
  • Walking shoes and hat
  • Sandals (Flip Flops during summer for beach walks)
  • Exercise clothes
  • Exam Pad and Pens
  • Sunscreen
  • Modest swimming costume (no bikinis)
  • Toiletries for full duration of stay
  • Cigarettes – if you use nicotine – for full duration of stay
  • Prescribed medication
  • Padlock and key(s)
  • Small, battery-operated alarm clock (optional)

The following items will be kept in safekeeping during your stay:

  • Bank cards, medical aid cards, airline tickets, passports, etc.

We recommend that you leave the following valuable items at home:

  • Cell phones, IPods, CD players and Cameras
  • Laptop computers and electronic diaries
  • Sporting equipment and books
  • Jewellery
  • Adult sex toys

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Nurture Harmony is an addiction treatment facility registered with the Department of Health and the Department of Social Development. It is a member of the National Hospital Network and the Psychiatric Focus Forum.

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Nurture Harmony Addiction and Psychiatric Hospital is a Nurture Health Hospital and exists to inspire, support and equip our patients to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

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