Welcome to Nurture Cape View.

Nurture Cape View is a post-acute and physical rehabilitation hospital for people with injuries and disabilities caused by illness or disease. We are often the bridge between an acute hospital facility and your return home.

Whether your injury or disability is long-term or temporary, we are dedicated to helping you feel like yourself again.


The best environment for your recovery


Even after being discharged from an acute hospital, life can still remain a real challenge post serious illness or injury. The team at Nurture Cape View are here to help you readjust and ultimately thrive in your new reality.

Staffed by an interdisciplinary team of highly-qualified medical professionals, we tailor unique treatment plans for each individual and offer an extensive range of rehabilitation treatments for various illnesses and injuries.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel their best.


Rehabiliation for any or a combination of the following

  • Stroke
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Brain injury
  • Hip, knee and other joint replacements
  • Polytrauma
  • Limb amputation
  • Generalised weakness after a lengthy or complex hospitalisation

Rehabilitation of neurological conditions

  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Transverse Myelitis
  • Parkinson’s Disease

Post-acute services

  • Cognitive rehabilitation
  • Geriatric assessment and care
  • Palliative Care
  • Care worker and family training
  • Home and job site assessments

Post-Acute Ventilation Unit

We are one of the few post-acute hospitals that offer this specialised service to patients depending on a ventilator.

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Specialists have been chosen for their compassionate nature. We offer a full continuum of care, from the moment you contact us, to long after you go home. Our team follow a structured medical process that places the patient and family at the centre of the care programme.
A big barrier to rehabilitation programmes is the cost. We accept all medical aids that cover post-acute rehabilitation. We also have case workers who assist with applications, and if necessary, payment plans.
We are registered with the Department of Health and the Hospital Association South Africa, as well as being a member of the National Hospital Network and Board of Healthcare Funders.
The hospital is situated within the N1 City complex, adjacent to the N1 City Mall in Goodwood, Cape Town. The hospital is easily accessed from the N1 highway.
We know how important your family and friends are to your health and emotional wellbeing. They form an intrinsic part of your recovery. Visiting hours are flexible and, when possible, we encourage socialising at the hospital.
Nurture Cape View is part of the Nurture Health Hospital group, a network of specialised physical and mental healthcare facilities and /places of care found throughout South Africa.


Our integrated team of experienced healthcare professionals are made up of medical practitioners, physio and occupational therapists, professional rehabilitation nurses, speech – language and swallowing therapists, psychologists and more.

They represent what Nurture Cape View stands for: specialised, compassion and competent care.

Janet Bradbury

Facility Manager ensures that Nurture Cape View complies to all rules and regulations in Health Care in South Africa.

Dr Dale Cilliers

One of two Medical Doctors at Nurture Cape View responsible for clinical care of in-patients at Nurture Cape View

Annelien van Huyssteen

Rehab Programme Manager responsible for co-ordinating the therapy team to ensure that each patient receives a tailor made therapy programme.

Dinah Fernandez

Nursing Unit Manager at Nurture Cape View dedicated to ensuring quality patient care in a safe environment.


Injury and severe illness bring a number of compound ailments and a holistic approach to healing and care goes a long way towards a good recovery. We invest time and energy in developing our people and systems in a culture of ongoing improvement, together with you and your loved ones.


Conveniently based in the N1 City complex in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, Nurture Cape View is equipped with world-class medical facilities. To promote rest and healing, the environment is warm, comfortable and well-designed.

We offer private and semi-private rooms, a well-equipped rehabilitation gymnasium with custom-designed specialised equipment, a private cognitive area, an occupational therapy kitchen, patient dining room and communal spaces for socialising.


Mr Nojoko

“By these few words I wish to thank Doctors, nurses and the entire staff for the love and hospitality they showed me from the first moment I walked in.
This is a rehab hospital but I see it as a home for many reasons: Warmth, Care, Love, Discipline, Dedication and Commitment.”

Amos & Retha Smith

“Baie dankie vir julle hulp, omgee en geduld met Amos”

The Meyer Family

“To each and every beautiful soul that has diligently helped and supported our family with the recovery process, we would just like to say thank you. Thank you for your nurture, your caring and your compassion. We are truly deeply touched and words cannot express our gratitude.”

Mev. Rabie

Ná my knievervanging het ek besluit om na die Cape View-hospitaal te gaan vir ‘n herstelperiode van 10 dae. Ek was beÏndruk met die skoon plek. Al die personeel – van die sekuriteitswag tot die skoonmakers –  was simpatiek en altyd behulpsaam. Die kombuispersoneel was uitstekend met hul smaaklike kos. Die verpleegpersoneel was professioneel en behulpsaam. Die fisioterapeut, Shamaaze, en die arbeidsterapeut, Melanie, was behulpsaam en simpatiek. Ek sal die hospitaal aanbeveel.”

Mrs Rachel Dyers & Family

“We would like to thank all the staff and Doctors for the many acts of caring and kindness. We would like to express our gratitude towards everyone!”


+27 (0)21 595 1327
Ground Floor
N1 House
Neels Bothma Street
N1 City
Cape Town

If you or a loved one are looking for a supportive, compassionate and safe rehabilitative and medical care hospital, contact us. We are happy to chat to you about options and discuss care plans and payments.

Nurture Cape View is part of the Nurture Health Hospital group, a network of physical rehabilitation, recovery and wellness hospitals across South Africa www.nurturehealth.net

Download the Cape View brochure


Nurture Cape View Hospital accepts all medical aids. We have partnered with the Road Accident Fund and COID, and also accept patients who have been injured whilst at work (injury on duty.)

Our doctors and therapists charge Medical Aid Scheme Scale of Benefits rates. If you are a member of a full medical scheme, your costs will be covered. If you are on a medical plan with limits or co-payment penalties, our case managers will assist you with navigating applications and authorisations. They will help you determine exactly what is covered by your medical scheme and may make credit arrangements if you are not covered.

A copy of your medical aid card and ID will be required upon admission. We are able to make copies for you onsite.

You’ll need comfortable clothes for your daily physical rehabilitation sessions and pyjamas for the evenings. You may bring your cell phone with you, as long as it is switched off in therapy sessions. Don’t forget your books, magazines and anything that makes you feel more at home. Pictures, posters and even personal bedding can make you more comfortable. Remember to also bring your own toiletries, dentures and hearing aids.

If you take chronic medication, bring it with you as the medical aid won’t cover the costs when you’re in the hospital. The sisters in charge will gladly store and dispense these for you.

All meals will be served by Nurture Cape View, therefore we request that you do not supplement your diet without speaking to the doctor or the Sister-in-Charge.  Sweets, snacks or junk food may seriously compromise your recovery. Wherever possible, meals will be served in the dining room.  We sometimes request that families are present to learn how to help patients.

Flexible Visiting Hours: 8am – 8pm

Friends and family bring joy and laughter. Hours are determined by your therapy schedule and you can have up to three visitors at a time. Rest is an important aspect of your recovery and all visitors are kindly asked to leave at 8pm, so that there is time for patients to wind down and prepare for the night.

Your right to privacy is of primary importance to us.  All information disclosed to staff members remains highly confidential.  Information regarding a specific patient may only be disclosed with the formal consent of the patient or in certain situations, the patient’s family.