Tips For Our Patients


Comfortable clothing is required for therapy sessions and activities, and pyjamas are required for bed.   You should also bring a swimming costume for hydrotherapy.

You are responsible for providing clean clothes.  We provide a laundry service for your clothing, but this is not covered by medical aid.

Personal Stuff

All medicines are to be handed to the Sister-in-Charge, who will store it in a secure cupboard in the patient’s room. You are allowed to bring your cellphone with you but it must be switched off during therapy sessions.  The hospital has public phones and phone cards are available.

You are welcome to bring your own books, magazines and other reading material.

We cannot take responsibility for any valuables belonging to yourself or your visitors.  Do not bring anything of substantial value, money or firearms to the hospital.  You are welcome to bring personal items such as pictures, soft toys, posters or even personal bedding with you.

Snacks and Eating

All meals will be served at Aurora, therefore we request that you do not supplement your diet without speaking to the doctor or the Sister-in-Charge.  Sweets, snacks or junk food may seriously compromise your recovery.

Wherever possible, meals will be served in the dining room.  We sometimes request that families are present to learn how to help patients.

Contact Information

Visiting Hours

  • Limited to three visitors
  • 11h00 – 12h00 Close Family
    16h00 – 17h00 Family & Friends
    19h00 – 20h00 Family & Friends

Aurora Hospital is a Nurture Health Hospital and exists to inspire, support and equip our patients to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

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