What we do

Physical rehabilitation

In medical language, we provide medical care, and acute and sub-acute rehabilitation treatment for people with a wide range of disabilities caused by disease or injuries. These include spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, strokes, neurological disorders, orthopaedic conditions and other debilitating conditions and illnesses.

Psychiatric treatment

We provide care and treatment to people with psychiatric, psychological and addiction challenges.


But that is only a small part of the story.

Like all good hospitals, we have many skilled and experienced health care specialists and other support staff working together. Our hospitals are like orchestras where the players are the therapists who provide therapy, the doctors who do the doctoring, the nurses who nurse and so on.
But the magic of an orchestra only happens when all the musicians play together and in harmony. And that's what we do at Nurture. We plan together until we agree on what we want to do, and then we do it in harmony. Together and hormoniously we "make music" for our patients so that they regain as much as is possible of their lives and of their ability to do what matters to them and to their families.

We are driven by the conviction that the best outcome is about clearly understanding the needs and wishes of our patients and then to make sure that all our people, with their equipment and with the systems that they use, work in harmony to serve those needs and wishes.
The elaborate name for our approach is:

"Outcomes Based, Goal Directed, Interdisciplinary, Patient Centred."

How we do it

We understand what matters to our patients and their families; to work with them on a plan for how we can assist them to regain the life they can; and then to make it happen in a way that makes sense for them.
We are very proud of the carefully chosen people in our organisation and the work they do. We are never satisfied with “good enough”. We do what has been proven to make scientific sense and is supported by research. We learn all the time and we relentlessly pursue the best for our patients and their families.

Then there is our team approach:

The care of our patients is organised around small teams consisting of therapists, counsellors, doctors and nurses. Every patient has his or her assigned care team. These teams are coordinated by Care Managers who are senior and experienced clinicians who understand what matters, and whose aim it is to ensure a smooth journey for our patients. The Care Managers also link families with the core teams and other hospital people. And, of course, they answer the many questions from families and patients.

How we do it

Who are our people

We would like to introduce all our people to you, but as we have more than 350 people working at our hospitals, that is difficult.
Although we have some seriously well qualified, experienced and skilled clinical people, the success of care at Nurture hospitals depend on all of our people – maintenance people, cleaners, catering people, carers, laundry staff, administrators, and other. All of them devoted to making our hospitals good places for our patients.
We choose our people carefully. Only those with compassion in their veins, a “Nurture Personality”, and the best skills, become part of our organisation.
We are proud of all of them.

Our Hospitals